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International Writer - Who Me?

This week I saw the Czech Republic’s edition of Daniel’s Daughter – and I love it! The hardback edition has a new title, Pro čest a lásku (translated it means For Honour and Love), and a new cover. Both changes, I think, are perfect for its travels abroad! I also like the fact the heroine appears to be drinking from a tankard. What is she drinking? Cornish ale, perhaps?

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Paperback News!

The shelves of book shops are filled with tantalising reads and sometimes it seems that you can't go into a shop, any type of shop, without there being a book section in some form or other. Sometimes it seems there are too many genres, too many authors and not enough space to display them all. With so many books on offer, it may come as a surprise to learn that not all books make it into paperback. Why, I hear you ask?

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Exciting News For Any Author!

At the end of 2020, just when lockdown restrictions were tightening across the country again and an atmosphere of doom and gloom had returned to dampen the festive period, I received the most amazing news from my publisher. I was informed that my sixth novel in the Cornish Tales series, Daniel’s Daughter, was a FINALIST for the Romantic Novelists Association’s HISTORICAL ROMANTIC NOVEL AWARD!

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A new paperback to start the year!

Daniel's Daughter is now available in paperback. To find out more click HERE

I have been lucky in my writing career. Prior to the 6th January, 2021 I had three of my six novels published in print, The Thief's Daughter, The Captain's Daughter and The Daughter of River Valley. I call myself lucky as many published authors don't get to see their books released in print at all. Why? The book business is a competitive business and some publishers prefer to release their novels in the digital format only.

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